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If they knew...

Well, let me put it that way:

The look on their faces - still
when I walk by,
when they hear my name
and especially
when my name comes from your lips -

Their eyes wide open - again
when we walk by,
when you wave at them
and especially
when you smile at the same time -

I can see their minds losing control - again.
Trying to imagine
what trouble I'm up for next.
What sin I already have in mind.
What you and I do together.

But I also know -
if they knew what we really do,
they would refuse to believe,
because someone has to be the ungrateful wretch.
And in their eyes -
it'll always be me.

And right at this point
I only can smile about
that lady across the street,
thinking of me as the whore of hell.
Or her husband -
watching us and wanting to sneak a peek.
Or a mother -
believing we are drawing circles of chalk
and practising witchcraft.

So, yes...
If THEY knew.
Gosh, must our life be interesting.

6.7.10 08:09

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Fr.Grün (6.7.10 16:15)
Sehr schön in Worte gefasst....wenn die wüssten!

Mieze (6.7.10 16:30)
Kreidekreis - fand ich ganz witzig

(11.7.10 21:29)
...und dann tanzen wir nackt im regen und singen geheimnisvolle gesänge!

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